The History of Cornerstone Ministries

Duane C. Arneson is a dynamic, disciplined, and electrifying man of God. He is called and anointed by God to fulfill the office of a pastor and he ministers under an apostolic anointing.

He is creative, energetic, and refreshing as he teaches the Word with faith and power, signs and wonders, healings, and miracles. Frequently, Duane and his wife, Mary, minister together. Their ministry has flourished for more than 25 years. They have experienced a great move of God through those years with the Lord confirming the Word they teach with signs following (Mark 16:20).

Duane loves ministering to people but his heart is for pastors, church leaders, and those in leadership positions. His desire is to help them rise to the place God wants them to be. He teaches, “You will only rise to the level of your Belief, Faith, and Confession. As you Believe, so shall you Receive.”

Duane brings a clear and practical step-by-step message to inspire and guide leadership in proven ways of applying Biblical principles in establishing a successful ministry. The joy of the Lord is evident in Duane’s life. Words of knowledge, wisdom, and healing are manifested under the anointing of the Lord.

Duane has a tender heart for pastors, who desire to be loving under-shepherds, pastoring their flocks. A truly unique man of God, Duane is an ordinary man who received a strong and distinct Call from God and moved forward in faith to obey and follow his Master. His message of faith, vision, belief in your own dreams and trust in the Word of God will inspire all who come to hear him teach. By example, he is a living witness that the flow of the Holy Spirit’s power can endow anyone who has a teachable heart.

Cornerstone Ministries, Inc. was incorporated as an independent full gospel church in the state of South Dakota in 1980. CMI is the legal umbrella for all Cornerstone activities.

Cornerstone Church began the first Sunday in March 1982 in the old Odd Fellows

building on Dakota Avenue between 10th and 11th streets. We were there for three years.

Beginning in May 1985, we leased our current building at 900 East 41st Street and purchased it on April 1, 1987.

We have about 150 members with 40% of them living outside the Sioux Falls city limits– as far away as Wessington Springs.

Pastor asked the Lord in September 1978 for a name for this church that He was directing him to start. God told him “Cornerstone Ministries.”

In addition to Cornerstone Church and all the activities associated with a church such as the praise and worship team, children’s church, youth, Pastor’s Prayer Partners, etc. we reach out in many other ways. We have had one of the larger prison ministries in South Dakota that reached to Springfield and Yankton several times each week. The results of this ministry are what happens when an inmate is released. We have seen many beautiful breakthroughs and victories.

We also minister in church and leadership conferences throughout the United States and the world. Part of the vision of Cornerstone is to strengthen church leaders all over the world and to help them with their churches and ministries. God has positioned us for promotion by moving us from supporting missions to being mission-minded.

A great joy to us is Cornerstone School. We are in our thirteenth year with 26 students. We use the Alpha Omega Publication’s curriculum Switched-On Schoolhouse. This is a self-paced, critical-thinking, computer-based curriculum. Our school mission is to “Rebuild America — One Student At A Time” and we are doing it. About 1/2 of the students are members of Cornerstone and other students are members of other churches or do not attend church regularly. . .

We utilize the gifts in the body of Christ. We usually host a Christian musician, speaker, or minister each month. Our desire is to bless Cornerstone members as well as the community.

Our mission as God gave it to Pastor Duane, “Love My people and preach My Word and I will add to the church.” He also told Pastor that Cornerstone is a place “where families grow strong together.”